Purple Pen is open source software. As such, we welcome contributions and help from any and all interested people.

Providing Feedback

The easiest and most important way that you can help to improve Purple Pen is by giving feedback. In order to improve it, we need to know what is broken, missing, or could be better. Please join the Purple Pen mailing list on Yahoo Groups, and tell us what you think. If you want a change, tell us about it!

You can also supply feedback through the Purple Pen Uservoice Forum, which allows you to suggest new features and vote on features that others have suggested. Go to http://purplepen.uservoice.com to contribute there.


We'd like to make Purple Pen available as many languages as possible. If you are fluent in another language and would like to help translate Purple Pen, see information about translating Purple Pen here.

Writing/Editing Documentation

A computer program is no good if no one knows how to use it. If you like to write or edit, we'd love to have help improving the documentation for Purple Pen. Drop us a line on the mailing list.

If web site design or writing is your bent, this web site could undoubtedly use improvement also.

Cash Donations

If you'd like to donate money to cover expenses and support further development, you can donate money via PayPal here.